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Thursday, March 10, 2011

camps for summer

We've been filling up the camp schedule for this summer. I think the boys will have a blast, if they'll just go. T11 has chosen to go to two church camps, boy scout camp and two weeks of science camp (4 hours a day with a sleepover). He's figured out that the weeks he is at camp are weeks  he won't have to do math in the summer.
Herogian and I just found him an animal camp with a Jr. Vet program. He'll do one week this year, then we will have to save and work his tail end off to pay for extra weeks next year. He will also do two weeks of 3 day clinics on skeet later in the summer. Don't know if I can get him to go to church camp or not, yet.
T13 he's the confusion. I thought he'd beg to go to this animal/science camp with Herogian, since they also offer spelunking, wilderness survival, and all kinds of out in the woods activities. He has reluctantly agreed to go to the science camps with T11 and their friend Cam. Can't get a commitment out of him either for church camp. Just can't seem to get a fire lit under his butt to get him off and going from the house. Will have to pray about sending him with a scrowl on his face that hopefully will turn into a smile by the end of camp week.

WHat do you have planned for the summer?


Oklahoma Granny said...

We'll be racing again this summer. G2 is traveling this season. We don't know how much racing G1 will get in. He has an interview for a job that would probably require him to work weekends. He's excited about the job opportunity though.

I must say that animal camp with the Jr Vet program sounds amazing! Your boys are lucky to have such experiences available to them.

Pam Ruth said...

People should always be forced to go to church camp, they come home with a better attitude!