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Saturday, March 12, 2011

You Sandbagger!

That's what they were calling me at archery Friday night. It was all in fun!  If you remember, I started the league with my recurve which had the nock locator on in the wrong spot, the nocks were for compound not recurve, the sight fell off and then the limbs twisted with the new bowstring. UGH!
Friday night was our last night of league with award presentation at the end. I'm not positive on how they score, but it has something to do with improving your score each night counts as a win. When my team partner quit coming (an eight year old) I didn't expect to get anything but last place. Herogian and I were surprised to hear that my team won third. We received a nice mug (for rootbeer floats) with Tri-county logo printed in light green. The presenter then had to take some time with her computer to try and figure out which kid had the most improvement over the weeks. She started laughing because it was a BIG kid with 121% improvement. Herogian spoke out before she did, "It was my mom."  That's when the guys who have been coaching me, adjusting my sights and correcting my form decided to call me a "SANDBAGGER".
Last night I scored  273.  I was shooting for 280. Dropped 9 points in the first half. The gentleman next to me told me to quit counting them up. He dropped a total of about 4 for the night. Most of these guys shoot 290 and above. It's awesome watching them shoot.
I know what I'm putting on my birthday list - stabilizer.
Next Friday we start indoor 2D and 3D shooting. The following morning is the monthly 3D shoot of 40 targets placed throughout the woods and fields. Herogian, Commander and maybe the other two will be camping out with Herogian's new archery  friend and father. I of course claim the need to sleep at the house to take care of the dog, chicks, chickens, and incubator eggs.
Have a great Spring Break.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Congratulations! I hope your boys have beautiful weather and lots of fun activities during their Spring Break.

Julie... said...

I hope you guys have a great spring break!
We're gonna school some, play some, and do a little visitin'.
Blessings :-), Julie