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Friday, March 25, 2011

and the animals came .... 5 by 4

We had an explosion of animals at our house. THey started showing up at 4:15am.  Herogian stumble into the bedroom to tell me that a chick had hatched in the incubator in his room. "The chick is letting the whole world know she is here, Mom. She's loud."
I let him move to the couch for the rest of the night.
 The chick is now named Vanilla for the color of her feathers. She is a mix between a Golden Comet and (we think) an Americana Banty. She/ he will have feathers on her lower legs.
Throughout the day the other eggs started hatching. The first two to follow Vanilla were in their shells, and five minutes later they were out. Welcome Cocoa and Fritz. Then DeeDee and Terry (named for the neighbors that gave us the eggs) slowly came out of their shells. The last hasn't been named yet. It might be Tiny Might if the little one makes it through the night. The rest of the eggs aren't expected to produce. I must say 'Thank You Lord'.

The chickens weren't the only thing to multiply. You know how hard a time I have with saying 'no', especially when an animal is involved. We now have four Pekin ducks in the shed with the rest of the flock. I'm just going to say their owner was in a pickle and needed a home for them. Welcome to Patch, Chickapin, hedgewig, Pigsomething or another, I can't remember. They will be called, Patch, Chick, Hedge and Pig.
If you remember, there are still nine chicks, 3 weeks old in the trough, under a heat lamp, in the garage, that the boys picked out from T.S.C. Hawk, Nacho, Tortilla, Ruby, Cream, Soda, Root and Beer, and Red.

So we added 5 chicks and 4 ducks to the count.
 Arby and Julie, I see you both shaking your heads and laughing, You too, OKGRANNY. Enjoy your weekend. We are expecting snow tomorrow.


Arby said...

Yes, definitely some head shaking going on here:) Enjoy the flock!

Julie... said...

Jane, if anybody can do it, it's you guys. And yes I'm shaking my head and laughing :-)!
Someday, I do hope to have ducks though.
Have a great weekend!