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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You're busted, again!

 I enjoy having a voice that can drop pretty low considering I'm a girl. From the dark recessess of the laundry room, peering through the french door shutters, a low voice does the trick when at 11:15 pm I find T11 playing games on his Ipod. "Take that upstairs to your father, right now!"  The glowing light fades, then blinks off, the boy sits in his bed with eyes unaccustomed to the dark. I slip out of the laundry room (his fan drowns out my movement) and step to the back door to let the dog in. He steps out of the room, hunched over, Quasimoto style (sp?) and slinks upstairs to the dark bedroom where Commander waits. The boy had been sent to bed over an hour before I arrived home from work.  I will find out in the morning what consequences will be initiated for this disobedience. It's nice having the Commander home to help set the boundaries.

Once again the boys and Commander are asking to move. THe neighbor boy "brat"clawed T11 today across the back of his hand -breaking the skin and causing it to bleed a little. THey were playing touch football and two people tagged him "brat" out - his older brother and T13. T11 stepped in when the child "brat"started swinging fist at T13. THey were trying to calm him"brat" down so they could keep playing. When his older brother went to tell his mom, she said it was late enough in the afternoon, they needed to come in for dinner. No discipline, no sorry.Brat controls the mommy.
 I'm praying about whether or not I should uninvite them to the homeschool P.E. group. THey say they are coming tomorrow. I don't want to turn this child "Brat" loose on unexpecting innocent children. There is no telling how he "brat"will lash out if he doesn't get his way. I need to do this gently in God's way, and not in my own bull in the china closet style.  So anyone have 40 acres of prime hunting ground with a house on it for sale, with a stocked pond? ( What else does Herogian want? Ummm.... turkeys, and deer.


Tina said...

I completely understand the "brat" next door syndrome! I lived next to one for almost 5 years...don't know which was worse, him or his mother. I prayed about it for a long time.."God what do I do about this woman and her kid?" About 6 mths before we moved...we became friends..and we're still long-distance friends!
Go ahead and take him with you...let him see how kids are really suppose to play!
PS...good luck with that! :-)

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'll definitely keep you and this young boy in my prayers. He certainly needs guidance from someone. It doesn't sound like he's getting that from his mother.

Michelle said...

We have that child next door too. She Never does Anything wrong. Drives me crazy. I'm realistic enough to ask my kids what happened and they usually tell me if they did something wrong. The mother even yelled at my daughter for hitting her daughter at the park. Poor princess came home in tears because she didn't do anything. I had to go ask the mother if she saw her do it, which she didn't. she'd taken her daughter's word.....but she never lies to her mother. ugh
I'll be praying for you. I think its probably wise to let her know the concerns that you have. I agree, you certainly don't want the child hurting someone else. I'll be praying for that family too.

Arby said...

Didn’t your daddy ever teach you that if you hit your thumb with a hammer and it hurts, you should stop hitting your thumb with a hammer? Girl, you just keep swinging!