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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blue's Clues Advanced

T13 and I were watching his Algebra video to prep for the next lesson. We were doing equivalent expressions. 2(x+1) =(1+x)2=2x+2 is not equal to 2x+1.

Then there was 5x-x is the same as xxxxx-x=4x.   T11 walked by when the screen switched to five apples - 1 apple = 4 apples.  An easy example to make the material sink in.

"That looks like Blue's Clue Advanced."


We took Penny to a friend's house yesterday. The two dogs really play together well. They really don't have a fence, but we thought she would stay with their dog and not run through the north side brush or the south creek, or the barbed wire fence at the far end. WRONG. The barbed wire fence at the far end of the yard didn't stop her. Under she went to investigate the horses. Wearing large muck boots, I ran after her with the leash once she disappeared past the yard.  Iexpected her to get herself kicked in the head. A fat Shetland ponie was very interesting to her.  She followed the horses along the creek (Thank God for the deep creek) then she scared up a gray Crane or Heron. Can you say Birddog? I thought we were doomed to chase her all day. She loved the run, the kids all chasing her, me growling at her. The creek and a second fence finally turned her around. Our friend had returned with large doggie treats. Once Penny ran circles around everyone she got a whiff of the treat. Penny finally was caught  - freedom for a treat. T13 and I came huffing from the far end of the field to get the leash on her. What a day. We are now the owners of a Sportdog 400S shock collar.


Alisa said...

ah, yes, the birddog!! Remind me to tell you about the night Izzy escaped from the back yard. We had to go looking for her at about midnight. Fun!

Tina said...

I love the Blues Clues remark!

We are seriously considering a shock collar for my sons dogs...they don't mind half the time, the other half they think about not minding, then change their mind! We live in a neighborhood without a fence! It's too scary!
I'm looking yours up on line now!

Arby said...

Ironic. I was thinking of a shock collar for my sons.

Brownie said...

I was just thinking of how a shock collar would work for my son... and then I see Arby beat me to it! LOl!

Ah... our animals, they do make life interesting!

Julie... said...

Ewwww, algebra (booo hiss boooo)!

Regarding the shock collar, we used one with our Weimerraiennnnner, Otto, when we live in Knoxville. He was a barker. I honestly hated watching him cringe every time he barked. He would bark then yelp. The other thing I hated doing was trying to take it off of him. I was always afraid it would shock me.
Seems I've seen a "Funniest Home Video" with a guy wearing one, barking, and getting shocked (duh!).
I hope the habit is broken quickly with your Penny.
Blessings, julie