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Monday, April 4, 2011

Veteran Archer

Friday night's archery league was flat out cool. I met my team member for the first time - Mr. McGee. He is a veteran of WWII, the same age as my father, 89, and about a foot shorter than I am. They were calling us the Mutt and Jeff team. Mr. McGee has cataracts in both his eyes and still hunts with his bow. Target shooting can be hard with the lighting, obstacles they set up around the targets to create shadows, and limited target zones. Mr. McGee and I would talk over what part of the target we needed to aim for, but by the time we returned to the shooting line Mr.McGee couldn't see the tell-tell marks anymore. He shot great! One of his shots went  left of his intended mark and actually hit a small spot worth 14 points.
He thought he'd be too tired to shoot the entire round of 40, since he had been out hunting during the day. He did great. He and his wife would take turns resting in two chairs we put near the shooting line for them.
He served our country as a platoon leader in Italy during the great war. He said he got the position from being the smallest, youngest, and the loudest mouth.
I can't wait to hear more of his storys this week.
Oh, my shocking hit for the night was pinning a wiffle ball to the target at 35-40 yards. At one of the other targets a ping-pong ball dangled from fishline. Mr. McGee and I trapped the ball between our arrows, but didn't pin it to the target. I am so thankful Herogian introduced me to this sport.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Mr. McGee sounds like a wonderful partner!

Brownie said...

OH the stories he could tell! My father in law was in WW ll - he rarely tells stories but we can get him to talk about it sometimes.