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Monday, April 11, 2011

stuff a happen'n

Archery is still a highlight of the week. Friday night, Mr. McGee and I stuck the whiffle ball to the target at the same time and through the same hole. I ever figure out how  find time to do the whole process of downloading from the camera to the computer I'll put the picture up. Mr. McGee shot a 279 and I a 281. We were neck and neck throughout the night. We have 5 wins and 3 losses. Don't ask me how they figure that out. Maybe at the last night pot luck dinner, I'll get someone to explain the team scoring. It is just fun. Mr. McGee told me he had told his wife that he really enjoyed shooting with me, he didn't feel pressured. Me? pressure anyone? I'm in awe of watching him shoot. Do me a favor and keep Mrs. McGee in your prayers, she has a ruptured colon in some manner, that causes a large bulge on her side. They are afraid at age 87, she might have a harder time with the procedure to fix it. I could tell Mr. McGee is worried about his lovely wife.

T11 and Commander were out with the Boy Scouts this weekend taking care of a merit badge for shooting rifles. T11 must have shocked Commander by shooting really well, for he told me about it about 4 times. Circle your thumb and index finger together  and look at it. T11 put five shots in a circle that size from 10 meters.  I think the Commander was proud. HooRAH!

Herogian tried to wring the neck of a rooster today to prep it for the grill. I think he saw a show where someone did it by swinging the body in a circle while holding onto the head. NOOOO, not my way of doing it. Give me the ax. We skinned , washed and presented two of the banty roosters to Commander and his grill. Herogian enjoyed eating them. They were a bit tough for my brace-face.
The four buff orpingtons have moved next door to our neighbors coop. That leaves us with two reds, 3 banties, and six hatchlings to intergrate into the run.
The weather has been nice enough to fill the baby pool with water. The ducks will have it brown within minutes but they love floating in the water to sleep. They have lost their yellow downy feathers and are white. They are now starting to quack instead of peep.

VBS will be late this summer. We are going to do a program about unnamed heroes. I'm starting with posterboard, paint and markers to start the decoration process. It sounds like a fun program. I'll try to do a lot of prestuff since the boys are scheduled for 2 science camps and skeet camp at that time of the summer.

T13 said he would train with me for 5Ks. I'd better get to bed so he doesn't leave me in the dust in the morning.
Oh, the carbohydrate counting has worked nicely so far. I haven't had the fanty sick feeling from blood sugar dropping and I dropped the last five pesky pounds I wanted to lose since before babies.  I know I still don't have it right though, I'm hungry too much of the time - ergo - the dropping of weight.

have a great week. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate hearing from you.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

I've added Mrs. McGee to my prayer list as well as Mr. McGee. Congrats to T11. I watched my grandmother wring chickens' necks back in the day. Not quite the way you described though. Have a good run and a wonderful day.