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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


THe video above is awesome, inspiring, and you'll be amazed at the inventor's identity - gives you chills.   Herogian almost made a career change when he saw this video.

OKGranny - He wants to be a vet. He could use this type a car for that job too.


Oklahoma Granny said...

That is so cool! So, what career path does Herogian plan to follow?

Julie... said...

Jane, I hope your Herogian stays the course (veterinary medicine) so that hopefully he'll be here (OSU) and maybe we can visit in person more that selfish :-).
Also, I wish that the apprenticeship could have worked out and maybe it will for next year. We are currently so involved in a huge church dispute that I truly wouldn't want him here in this atmosphere. Tim and I have been so thoroghly distracted with the deception in the pulpit and amongst the deacons involved and the refusal of those in leadership to take action that it's been quite emotional also here. All that to say...we went back to our old church because we felt led to and now we're feelin' the heat for it.
Sometimes standing up for what is right is very very unpopular ((sigh)).
I pray your Spring is wonderfully blessed and filled with joy! I'm about to start incubating eggs soon :-)!
Blessings, Julie