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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Migraines, septic pumping and savings

Wednesday morning I didn't sleep in much. Usually, after pulling a closing shift the night before I let the boys sleep in until 8 or 8:30 because I'm still sleeping. Wednesday I got up to grade papers and make sure we were set for the day. While grading T11's math, I realized half the page had disappeared, it was still there, I just couldn't see it. I was told it is called an "eye migraine". It doesn't necessarily cause a splitting headache, just a dull one, but it wipes me out energy wise. I feel like I have ran a marathon. The boys tried to let me rest on the bed for an hour or so in the morning after they started on their work, but with a few phone calls, math problems, can't find a book problem, napping wasnt' working out very well. I decided that the best thing would be to send the boys to P.E. without me. A few phone calls later and everything was set for the boys to be picked up. Just as the boys were headed out the door the phone rang. The septic tank pumping company was on the way.  I knew my nap was in jeopardy.
I walk the guy out to the middle of the back yard where there are telltell signs of the septic tank being there - one being an open pipe looking down into it. YUK.
He steps off four feet and says, " the lid should be 'there'. We need to dig down to it."
 I'm really confused at this time. I know the last time the tank was pumped I was dealing with chemotherapy, but I didn't think I'd lost that many brain cells to remember if or not the guy had dug a hole in the yard to pump the tank. He hadn't. The guy tells me again that we have to dig, and it is $100 dollars an hour if he has to dig it up.
No way.
I told him to go get the hose, I had the shovel. I started digging. He checked on my progress, now and then, and I found the lid. It was about 15 inches down and 17 inches across. (I had to measure it later).
An hour and half later 1800 gallons of you know what was cleaned out of our back yard. When we were done, I covered the entry lid with an turned over tub with a ten gallon bucket inside it to give it some inside support.  The tub will be covered with one of those molded plastic rocks to keep the entry lid accessable. We surrounded it with dirt and leveled the yard off with the extra.
Losing a nap to save $100 was well worth it. I did rest up a bit later and made it through another closing shift. I definitely slept in this morning.

Oh, I also asked a lawn company, I was dealing with on the phone, if they gave military discounts for the job they would be doing for us. Just asking for it saved us over $100 dollars on the year.

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Brownie said...

So sorry for your migraine! I get them on a rare occasion. I can't imagine digging in the yard with one! You're a strong (or determined) lady :)