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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Casey D. Deskis

We did a six hour drive to circle down to the far reaches
of Kansas to return home with this little cutie. The boys named him Casey. I added the D. for middle initial since two of the boys have that initial, and our new family member isin the kennel next to Penny for the night. He finally tinkled outside for the first time at midnight. I was starting to worry a bit. He's had a rough two days. They had a vet fix a small umbilical hernia yesterday. The owner gave him his round of shots today and then we yanked out of his environment and moved him next door to the largest dog he has ever seen in his short 9 weeks. He threw up when we got home, wouldn't eat anything until 10. After our backyard trip, he was playful and nosing Penny. Now I'm hoping they will settle down and go to sleep for a few hours. Me too.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

What a cutie! What kind is he?