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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Archery league is over. Mr. McGee and I placed second. I finally learned how they score the league. Each night we go against another team for the four rounds. Each round is scored a win or loss. Last night we were shooting against Mr. McGee's son's team. We lost one round in the second half and that dropped us from first place. We had a lot of fun. I'll miss shooting with Mr. McGee. I hope to see him and his lovely wife back next year.

Today, Herogian and I shot the 3D meet. We made it through 40 targets along with Cori, his dad, and his younger sister (6) she shot at every target. I was impressed that she made it through the entire hike. There was one point where she found an old shotgun shell and something else. She really wanted to play with it, but couldn't carry it with her bow and arrows, not enough hands. Her dad told her to decide, shoot targets, or they quit right now and sit in the truck with her 'toy'. She almost reached out for the 'toy'. They decided to put the toy in the truck so no one would pick it up and throw it away. She was afraid of it disappearing if she put it down. Too cute.

Here's a few pics for you.
THis is Tiny Might. We helped this chicken out of it's shell, knowing full well it might not survive. We could hear it pecking, but unable to break open the shell. She is a runt, about 1/4 the size of her sisters. She still has white rings around her eyes, where her sisters don't.

THese are the four adopted ducks. They are now white and four times the size. They stay this close to each other all day long running around the yard.

Dehydrated marshmallows. Gluten Free and fun to eat.

Have you seen these on the store shelf? Jumbomallows! I split them open, swiped crunchy peanut butter inside. Later I added chocolate morsels.  Made a sweet snack for a work break.

One last thing.  Check out your homeschooling group might want to join us on April 30th by releasing balloons from your area. Who knows maybe your balloon will end up here in our town and ours in yours. Weird how the wind blows.

Have a great week. I'd love to hear from you.


Tina said...

Awe...cute little chickee. I sure hope she survives. Love the ducks too!
Those jumbo marshmallows are great for s'mores! My grandkids don't have to double up anymore!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Hmmm... Your dehydrated marshmallows gave me pause to think. I LOVE stale PEEPS. I may try dehydrating some.