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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sometimes you have to have your chain yanked

Penny learned all about getting her chain yanked yesterday. We took Herogian and Penny to post to meet with the person in charge of the Dog Hunting Trials. He agreed to put Herogian and Penny through their basic steps of training to see how much they were accomplishing. All the different sounds, the traffic nearby, the leaves blowing in the wind, were distractions for Penny. She really had to focus on what Herogian told her to do - and when she didn't, the trainer yanked her chain and made her hop to. It was a good lesson. Herogain saw where his passive attitude toward detail can have an effect on Penny. It wasn't acceptable that she sat down when told, she had to sit beside Herogian's left side. It wasn't acceptable to look at Herogian and then decide whether or not she wanted to 'Come' when told to. She got yanked half the distance of the rope, and tugged in if needed. Then she received all kinds of love and a treat. By the end of the thirty minute session she was heeling beside him, sitting when told and coming. She even showed signs of learning the back and forth sweep they use when searching a field. But there was one piece of paper that kept blowing around the area, boy did it ever cause her fits. It finally flew right across her path and she pounced. Dead paper. A boy and his dog....

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Sounds like Penny is a quick learner.