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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

catch up

Track season is now over for me and the USM jumpers and throwers. They made me proud. We had PR's at the last meet, which is what we were training to do. Most of them didn't meet the standard for conference so coach didn't take them. Our budget is so tight. One female high jumper  and one male who Pole vaulted, threw javelin, and high jumped went to conference as our field eventers. We took nine to conference and came back with 8 scoring points and making all-conference. With only 2 females, they placed nineth out of ten teams. THe seven men placed sixth. We have three still training for longer distance races. They will try one last time this weekend to qualify for nationals. One is going to nationals in the marathon.

The driving is still a problem. I'm really trying to break this vicious circle of worry  panic when I have to drive somewhere, even short trips into town. Some days are good, some days scare the heeby-jeebies out of me. The boys have realized that I start slapping my leg  even when the music isn't playing, or jerking in the seat as I do quick muscle twitches to force blood flow around. I'm going to get tight buns just from driving. Today was a good day, I was definitely hydrated, pulling over for trips to the bathroom - that's a first. I usually give Commander a hard time for drinking Pepsi and having to stop on long trips. The tide has turned.

This July I'll be attending the United States Track and Field Coaching Level 2 clinic. I did Level one years ago. I'm so thankful I don't have to do it again. Somehow they cleared me for it the next level, even though their webpage says it has to be done within a year of doing level 1. Maybe it's a grandfather clause. The classes will be held on the University of Las Vegas Campus. Hoot, hoot. Just wish I could take Commander with me. I don't plan to visit the city, just go to classes,  study and stay put. I'm not getting a car!

THe two boy scouts don't know it yet, (don't say anything) but they were picked for the ORDER OF THE ARROW for the next boy scout campout. What I've heard so far is that they get little to eat, hard work all day, no talking at any time, camping out in the open - no tents, which will be a breeze for our troop members, and then having a ceremony in the evening. And why would you want to be picked for this????

We are doing our IOWA TESTING this week. School is almost done. I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks having the boys help me paint the shed, clean around the house and back yard, and chop wood before they head off to camps.

Surgery on both feet will be next Friday, if you don't mind throwing a prayer up at that time, I'd appreciate it. The boys and Dad will be doing the Boy Scout thing and HAWK will have to help me around the house. Feet propped up or iced for the entire weekend.

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Michelle said...

haha-TL was also picked for Order of the Arrow. He's excited.....little does he know!! lol

Have a great week. Too bad, Im not closer, I'd drive you around like Driving Miss Daisy.....although you're no where near as old!!