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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Off season starter workouts

Incase anyone wants to start working out . I posted this in the wrong place and decided to leave it. This is what I'm giving our athletes to do to start the summer break.
Anyone else hating the changes to the blog posting pages?

No Gym workouts – do 2 times a day A, B, or C. Rotate through them.

No Gym Workout A:

25 Squats

25 Supermans

45 sec. Front Plank

20 Push ups

20 Single Leg Hip Extension

25Seated Russian Twist

20 Dips off Chair

25 Supine Bridge (back plank) with straight leg raise Count each leg lift.

25 Crunches – elbows to knees “small V sits”

25 window wipers with knees bent

15 feet -Side slides – stocking feet together, heels to right, then toes, go across linoleum floor and back – this works hips and torso.

These are the numbers I’m doing right now before foot surgery. You can probably do more or add weights.

The extensions are done lying on floor with foot resting on a bed or couch. Stick one leg straight up 90 degrees at hip, and use support leg 90 degrees at knee to lift glutes off floor until body is straight. Glute/ham both feet are on bed or couch and you lift glutes up.

No Gym Workout B:

10 each. Pistol Leg Squat – go all the way down by wall to brace standing back up if needed.

20 Cobra

45 sec. Side plank each

15 Decline Push up

25 Reverse Crunch from chair – bringing knees to chest.

25 Bicycle

25 glute/ham extension

25 scissors – low

10 inchworm

10 Single leg bench get up – sit on bench and stand up with one leg.

25 side sit ups

NO GYM Workout C:

25 Front Kicks B2’s as if putting footprint on someone’s back.

25 sumo wrestling position squats

30 sec. plyo plank – lift butt up making hill then straighten, lift again.

25 bridge ups

25 window wipers – legs straight.

25 hurdler single leg lift each

10 lunge step each

10 spider man each leg

10 back bends

45 sec. wall sits

10 single leg bridge ups

Gym Workouts.

Workout A                                                                                   Workout B

Squat                                                                                                   Deadlift

Bench Press                                                                                        chinup

Bent-over row                                                                                     Lateral Raise

Reverse crunch off bench                                                                Plank - front, side,

Ham curls/ leg extensions                                                                 hip add/ab

Leg lifts                                                                                                 Toe raises

Flys                                                                                                        pulley

Core                                                                                                        core


Each day you need to do 20 to 40 minutes of cardio work. Any of the machines, or swimming, but run at least 3 days a week. Work to increase your time, or increase the distance you go in the same amount of time.

You can break it up into interval work – fartleks, at a track, chase with a running partner.

Plyos – Start with mainly in place type of jumps. double leg hops (rabbits), stars, side to side, front to back, frog hops, tuck jumps, squat hops, slalom.

If you have a stadium DO ‘EM.

Have fun this summer. Mix it up.

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