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Friday, April 13, 2012

vasovagal syncope - fainting

We finally got an answer today while doing the tilt table test.

 I thought this thing would be a breeze. The nurse said 'you will lie here for 10 minutes and then we will tilt the table up and you will stand, strapped to the table for 30 minutes. If you don't pass out then we will put the table back down, get you a shot of meds through the IV line in my arm and try again.'

They would keep upping the dose of meds until I passed out.

The table rose and all the blood just slid with it. The doctor's assistant came in to stand in front of me, talk and keep me calm as they watched for signs.

"My hands are cold." 
He kept talking, telling me how some people's heart will pause and they have to start chest pumping (CPR) to help them get things going again, but that is really rare.

"My hands are getting colder."
"WHat does that mean?" the doctor asked.
"She's having an episode. This is her presign that it's happening," the nurse replied as she wrote down numbers from the monitor.
"Oh, yeah, it is happening.You okay?"
I remember him telling the nurse to get her finger on the button for the table. He put his hands up to press my head back against the table.

The next thing I thought was 'I can't remember what I was thinking about. What is that?  It was a ceiling tile and I couldn't figure it out. I felt like I was staring at it, but also felt like I wasn't looking at anything. It was weird.

The doctor had lifted my knees up, I was sweating.
my resting pulse was 55-56. It went to 120 then dropped to 50. blood pressure went from 110/80, to 130/110 to 66/55.

"Yep, you've got vasovagal syncope. Classic."

The doctor was surprised that there were no drugs involved to induce it. The nurse wasn't after I had told her my symptoms.

So, I need to drink more Gatorade/Powerade type drinks to get the potassium and other salts. Eat more salt to help my body increase the fluid volume. I should be able to straighten this out. Now to just get use to driving again and not worrying about it happening. But as the doctor said, "if you feel the symptoms, just pull over."

Why are things easier said then done?

I won't drive the track van this year. I don't need the stress of the responsibility.

Thanks for your prayers over this matter. I'm grateful to God for keeping me/ us safe while having these episodes.

Have a great weekend. Stay safe my Oklahoma friends. The weather is getting rough.

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