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Thursday, May 10, 2012

3 days C. H. and TEENS

C. H. = Clear Headed. No dizziness, no disoriented fainty feeling while driving. I've been pep talking, praying and slapping my legs through some errands, but have not felt the need to pull over. 3 days C.H.  Yeah. The afternoon, evening hours seem to be the worse. I realized, I get too dehydrated during this time if I haven't tanked up in the morning. So, I'm trying to remind myself to drink a quart of water/gatorade before noon. If you mix the grape gatorade with lemonade, or with tang, you can actually make a drink that the color will repel boys. When it looks like sludge, they'll keep their mouths off my water bottle. :-) Never thought I'd be able to gross my boys out.

We are moving into the technicological age. We are going to get the boys cell phones. Oh, bother. We will do the initial purchase as part of their birthday presents for this year. Yeah, two are getting them early. Then they will pay the monthly fee. No data streaming or anthing like that, but we will definitely put Navigator on Herogian's phone. I'm just wondering what kind of hell we are bring on ourselves with getting these things. I think the xbox and other electronics were bad enough. I'll definitely be grounding phones if behaviors or attitudes go out the window.

Have you noticed when a preteen gets close to becoming a teen, they get an attitude? I stepped on one today, big time.
This attitude of "my friends know more than you, and your old fashion and don't know anything" - I slapped that attitude out of the air so fast he had to duck so it wouldn't hit him on the way back into his room. He got the "I've been through this twice with your brothers, and I don't want to do it again, so get rid of the attitude" talk. We will see if he did. He turns thirTEEN on Saturday.

We finished our IOWA Standardized Testing today. Yeehaw. We should finish up our school work next week. I'm looking forward to a break.

Have a great one.


Michelle said...

I wish my teen would come with a sensor in the morning so I know what to deal with: normal and good attitude, sarcasm, mouthiness, or attitude. Of course, my fav day is when we get all three of the bad ones together!! lol

Oklahoma Granny said...

Sorry I haven't been around in awhile to visit. I've just been way to busy. In light of this post I have to tell you that our #3 grandson is closing in on age 12 and his dad has told me that he now understands what his dad and I went through back in the day when he thought he knew everything.

And if you're in the mood to read a hilarious story from this past weekend and from my son's point of view, check out my blog today.