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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don't worry about it, pray about it.

I've always been the uptight personality, always needing to be in charge and doing it myself. It is sad that it has taken so long for me to finally see this side lessen. Yesterday the dogs, disappeared again. Gate left open from one of the boys mowing - but we all have left the gate open at one time or another.  We figured this out about an hour after the dogs dinner and trip outside. After one 'coast' around the neighborhood ( I'm not driving well, yet with the feet). I felt the overwhelming urge to not worry about it. They are GOD'S creation, and he will take care of them like he did before when they ventured out in March for 2 days. A big difference this time is that I can't go driving all over putting up signs or driving to the different farms. Prayer. I know the boys prayed, they didn't want to go to bed with the dogs not home. I specifically asked for the dogs to come back that night. Herogian, Gluten and Commander are leaving for the weekend to go fishing and camping.
At midnight, we finally headed off to bed. Hawk was the last one to come in from the front yard, yelling for the dogs. I was restless in bed, and tried to focus on praying for the dogs, family, and following days.  I had also stepped wrong, and my right foot felt swollen and painful. I was praying that God would heal my feet.

SIDE TRACK HERE - In 2 Chronicles I had recently read about King ASA 'a good king' who basically didn't trust God in his later life. It stated that he came down with a serious disease of the feet and only relied on the physicians to heal him. He didn't seek God. For a foot disease to be mentioned in the Bible, and I'm reading about this at the time I had foot surgery - really tweeked my thoughts. Had I jumped to the conclusion of surgery too soon?   More later.....

After 1:00 a.m. Hawk came into my room with his flashlight (startling to wake up to) and said he heard the dogs barking outside, he was sure of it.  I told him to go out front and call them, as I hobbled out of bed. We had left the gate open, doggie door open, and the garage door partially up in case they came home. Casey met Hawk at the side of the garage. When Hawk brought Casey into the house, we heard the distinct sound of the doggie door being used and Penny coming up the steps. Hallelujah!!  Prayers were answered. What a blessing.

The dogs were covered in burrs and they stank. A mixer of cow manure and skunk. Gluten and I stayed up for the next 2 hours picking burrs out of fur, trimming, and Gluten gave Casey a bath. The dogs snuggled down between our legs and let us pick at them until they fell asleep.

THey will need another bath today, - bought some skunk shampoo. And that fence gate, I think it is time for a better system, something that swings shut - HARD.

SIDE TRACK TWO - I saw the doctor today. He thought the feet looked well. I still can't walk much or drive for another week. He didn't remove the stitches. He did tell me that the neroma was as large around as a pencil. The nerve couldn't follow the groove between the tendons and had actually curved upon itself.  It sorta jumped out when he cut into the foot and opened the area. He believes that I will definitely see relief with the feet. 'It was the worst he has seen so far'. I bet he tells that to all his patience.
Thanks to C and C Coker for helping me get to the doctors office. You two are wonderful.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

God certainly answers prayers and you are in certainly in mine. Your post today coupled with my own personal experience from today affirm just that. My husband hasn't been feeling well lately. A couple of weeks ago he had some tests that indicated he had some blockage. Today he was scheduled at 8am for a heart cath. Of course there were a lot family and friends praying for him. As it turns out (and to the dr's surprise) the original tests were wrong. The heart cath showed absolutely NO blockage. In the dr's words he was "clean as a whistle." The doc also said he has a very healthy heart. Absolutely answered prayer! There was also a God thing that occured. While waiting for his procedure to be done I checked my email. There were a few emails but nothing of great importance. Later, after we had returned home, I checked my email again. There was a prayer request for the family of one of my church friends. Her mother passed away suddenly last night after having a heart cath. Evidently a blod clot was dislodged when the heart cath was done. Simply heartbreaking and of course her family is in my prayers. The "God thing" is that the email I mentioned was sent at 8:10am. It should have been in my email while I was at the hospital. It didn't appear until after 12 noon. I would probably been beside myself had I read that email during my husband's procedure. God truly is in control.