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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

waiting for new ram

Our computer geek (genius) was over the other day. He will rev-up our computer from 1/2G to 4G this week. I can't wait.
I might actually be about to post on your blog pages without getting the screen of death.

Praying for you on the house situation and schooling, Altic Quiver.

Michelle, have a safe trip and a lot of fun doing the field trips.
As to planning, I start in the spring with writing every lesson out on excel. Then print this out for the boys folders. We can see the whole year. They then get their time schedule as when to do subjects so they aren't fighting over books. Finally, they each have a teacher's planner type of book that I write down one weeks worth of lessons so they can check it off as they go.

Right now it is Herogian giving me the attitude (teenager) about staying on a schedule.
Gotta go grade papers.
Have a great week.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Sounds like you'll be traveling at warp speed shortly.