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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Covering for someone else, finally

I hate it when I have to call in sick at work. I know someone will have to stay to cover my closing shift. Today was the turn around. I finally had a chance to help cover for someone else who was home with a sick child.
 It was a good feeling.
We were hopping - mad with customers at times, being short handed would not have been a good thing for business.
As the afternoon moved into evening, I realized how happy I was that "Hawk" and I had walked in the morning hours. Going to the gym after 10 hours on my feet wasn't going to happen.
 From now on all my 4-7 hour shifts will feel short.
It helps to do something out of the box now and then. This also includes Saturday at "Pair Day" - my first time to help. This is a Post event to help the incoming military families find out what kind of opportunities are in the community. It's like a street fair with tables and tents set up and the people just roam around gathering information about Doctors, Dentist, churches, grocery stores and what not. There is always free school supplies (pens, pencils, calendars, candy) to pick up as you visit each table. Price Chopper will be doing goodie bags for parents and kids.
 Herogian will be at the Rod and Gun Club table helping out and gaining Community Service hours, SHhhhhh - don't tell him that part.
Oh, our walk - was five miles from the gym in town with meandering through some neighborhoods. "Hawk" said the five mile walk wouldn't be bragging material - the walking along the highway is though. I'll just say that the 1 1/2 mile part that's all up a slight grade to the horizon wore him out more than he thought it would. I hope he will keep training with me.

Have a good night.

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Julie... said...

Hi Jane, I must say, you guys stay busy!
It is good to help others out and show we care.
You're a blessing :-)!
Oh and did you hear??? We've cooled off a bit down here and we're even getting such much needed rain, PTL!