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Thursday, August 11, 2011

trying to get in the school mode, ready to throw computer out the window

Ugh! The computer.    I can't believe how easy this thing can make preparing for school, yet on the other hand it can really frustrate me. It is ready for Commander to reboot the operating system - blue screen of death keeps popping up. I've moved everything of importance off my main page and onto a portable drive. The slowness of getting around some pages is really putting my multitasking skills to work. I'm taking a frustration break to come see what my blogging friends are up to.

School starts Monday for us. A week later than I originally planned, but oh well. The boys this year will be following a syllabus for each of their subjects. They can see the whole year laid out before them. They can also turn away from that overwhelming view to their weekly check off books and take it one week at a time. I went to the trouble of writing it all out this way so that it will prepare them for college - taking a class syllabus and then breaking it down into doable chunks. We will also add Rossetta Stone Homeschool Spanish to the mix with a Spanish speaking friend from church checking their pronunciation each month. I'm so thrilled that she has agreed to help them. You know this Okie accented person definitely can't.

The boys will also have to follow a daily schedule that I set up for them. Usually, they picked what they wanted to do first and set their own routine for the year. We used their past routine to set up this years schedule but had to tweek it a bit so that the older boys can share books easier - no arguing over who gets literature first.

Okay, back to printing off forms and tweeking lessons.
Have a great weekend and new school year.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a great idea. Are you using a program for this? I usually use homeschool tracker. I plan on doing it again this year too. I print out what needs to be done for the day and the kids work on that. The girls do really well, TL however, has serious issues with completing his work. Maybe this year will be better. I'm thinking of printing off a week at a time so that they can have it all and see what they need to do for teh week. Of course, we're adding preschool into this mix, so it should be interesting!!

we're on the move. We left WA today (we're still in WA as we're taking it slow). Tomorrow we hit Mt. St. Helens for a couple of days. I'm looking forward to that. I finished up most of the lesson planning but I need to tweek some of TL's things. I need to set up his science plans and work on laying out his latin and greek roots for the year.

Have a great week!