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Thursday, August 4, 2011

VBS crafts have been fun

The week is almost over for VBS. It has been fun. Taking on a whole new position this year, really opened my eyes. It will be a help for when I put another program down on paper (There are two twisting around in the mind).

We started off easy with decorating large brown sacks to store the 'goods' in, and a pencil topper. The second day was a puzzle with an old cassette tape, string and two large beads. The object is to move the beades through the loops from one side to the other. Wednesday was "Faith" bracelets with pony beads and crosses. Today we worked on foam visors and colored on 'color it yourself' beach balls. We also started windchimes with the older group.

We have had the challenge of stretching the windchime supplies out from fifty to eighty, ordering more supplies on Monday to get them here by Wednesday, and cutting out foam visors to have enough for the growing number of kids. Fun challenges - God always takes care of them in neat ways. It's been fun watching it all unfold.


The foot neuroma is still flaring. I did find information on the internet and was able to pad it tonight and walk with the Commander. We had to stop about three times to finish five miles. I'm soaking in ice water as I type. At one point in our walk we were overlooking the Missouri River. It was so quiet. No Cicadas. Two blocks west of there it was so loud under a tree that I put my hands over my ears. Do they like a certain kind of tree?

Looking forward to next week. Besides soccer and work. I shouldn't have to drive ANYWHERE. Commander drives us to church.

Have a great weekend.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

The puzzle with the old cassette tape sounds like fun. I'll have to try googling it to find the directions. I'll be our son and his oldest son would get a kick out of it. Hope your foot neuroma eases up soon.