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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to get my dander up

Son ---
"Oh, I didn't do that subject cause it would only take me five minutes to do it."

Ya know what? He did the subject - got the "Thinker" question wrong and was allowed to do it all over again. Sure took longer than five minutes when he had to write it down twice. ERRRGGGG.

We are starting the year off with one son definitely not in the right frame of mind. His skeet lessons won't go on schedule until there is a big turn around in attitude.
The surprise has been T12 - He is getting done with work by three in the afternoon. Last year we were still working at dinner time. THis is even with a late morning start after a night of soccer and boy scouts. T13-Hawk -- he still has half of his assignments done before bedtime the night before. Good thing - because last night he was up three times hugging the toilet. Don't know what brought that on, poor guy.

Have a safe week.


Julie... said...

I understand your frustration!
My biggest frustration right now is with myself. We are capable of doing SO much more and I'm letting them off at around lunch time because I'm getting tired and losing all steam. I don't know if I need a good vitamin or what???
So when you do have the boys keep working at a subject until later in the day or even at night, do you get much lip? And how do you handle that. I get so worn down that I don't even attempt making them do regular school work in the evening because I don't want to have to put up with the whining. Argh, see, I'm my own worst enemy at times.

Oklahoma Granny said...

It has amazed me for sometime now how kids who are fairly close in age and raised by the same parents are so different. We had one who studied his behind off and had the great grades to prove it. The other one never cracked a book (although we did our very best to get her to do so) and got average to above average grades. If she'd only studied one quarter as much as her sibling I can only imagine what she could have accomplished.

I hope Hawk is feeling better today!