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Friday, August 26, 2011

life makes me smile

T12 had to read the original short story "Lassie, Come Home".   He wanted to know where the guy that fell in the well was in the story, and where was Timmy. Why did they live in a cottage and sale the dog to the Duke? Wasn't this suppose to be a cowboy story?  
Shows how far the TV shows have come from the original story.

Found a prosthetic devise called "Been a Boob" this week. Ordered a pair. Boys were so excited when a package came in the mail today, they couldn't wait to open it. You would have thought there were snakes in that there box.

Walked three miles yesterday before the pain kicked in. Received cortisone shots in the feet today. Also had x-rays of feet and lumbar spine. Just incase an old high jump injury is part of the nerve problem. Praying these shots work so I can continue with the Commander in our training.

Our pastor's family might be blessed with a newer house, with room to grow. Praying this goes through. Please, please, please.

Two boys are now involved in Boy Scouts and are camping this weekend. We will have a busy day tomorrow traveling to where they are camping south west of Lawrence, driving T12 to Overland Park for a soccer game, and then taking him back to finish the campout. Commander will then have to go back to camp Sunday morning to bring a group of campers back home. Can you say "OUCH" to the gas bill? OOOOOUUUCH! T12 is just bummed that he has to see his parents every day this weekend. HA HA HA.

Read a book by one of my favorite young adult writers -Donita K. Paul. "The Dragons of Chiril".  Probably read about three pages before I realized I had already read the book. Finished the book before ever noticing on the front cover (in real small letters) that is said it was previously released under another name. No wonder, I had already read it. It was just as good the second time. I highly recommend her Dragon Keeper series.

Remembering to shake my boots out on the back patio before putting my feet in them. A friend, Pac Leo, found a black snake in his boots at the back door. Can you believe he didn't kill it??? If it had been in my boot - biology on the driveway, Babe!

Boys are doing a super job at getting back into the swing of schooling. Herogian is working to be a day a head by next Thursday to go dove hunting with Mr. Joe. He gets to take Penny with him for her first hunt.

The Commander can burp "I love you" in a handful of languages. I luv u two -Oklahomian, and I love you, too. English. That's as far as I get.

Have a great weekend.

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Shannon said...

You're so sweet. You have no idea how much we love and respect your family. I wanted to let you know that we officially have a contract as of tonight. God is working it all together. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't like the persistent widow. He's saying yes so everyone will stop pestering Him. HA!