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Saturday, July 30, 2011

waiting for school to start so I can get on a different roller coaster

If life is a roller coaster, as some say, then I'm ready to get off this one and back on the old familiar one of homeschooling.

My work hours will drop, the boys won't have camps to taxi them back and forth from, and VBS will be over and done for another year. I like VBS, don't take that statement wrong. I'm just out of my comfort box (which is a good thing) with being in charge of crafts and watching the number of kids coming, and the number of craft projects available, tipping the scale back and forth. I know we can shoot-from-the-hip and throw in some left over crafts if the numbers don't match, but I'd hate to have to do that. It will be a hard enough week on the staff helping just to keep the kids from rushing through their crafts and then getting antzy and obnoxious.

The week will still include Herogian going north to skeet camp for three days, and T12 going across county line east to another day camp for five days. I only have pick up duty, thank you Commander and Mrs. Hillary.

I haven't worked on the novel since the trip to Oklahoma. That's a thorn in the back of the mind. I can't wait to sit back down and disappear into the book. I need it. One of the characters is Elohim, I need the time spend reflecting on Him with my main character.

Then there's been unwanted comments from a customer at work. Our security guard finally got wind of it. I was just blowing the guys comments off as harmless, until he started coming in closer to closing time and sometimes standing behind Starbucks side counter to stare.  I guess they had other problems with him in the past, so it is up to the higher office if he will be banned from coming into the store. He won't be coming through my line anymore, though. I just hope to not  meet him in the parking lot. Karate, Taekwondo moves keep floating through my thoughts.  I don't want to break another nose, but I know I can.

Commander and I are wanting to train for the Bataan Memorial Death Marathon next March at White Sands, NM. Yesterday we did a 10K. I'm having neuropath pain in both feet, from  the metatarsals through the toes.  I really want to do this marathon with him. Please pray that I can find out what is going on with my feet. Some possible causes can even be the past chemo therapy drugs.

Okay, I've vented enough. 
Is it any cooler in Oklahoma?


Julie... said...

First of all I'll address the last question..."no." In fact the weather gurus @ channel 9 news ( I love Gary and Jed) are saying this next week we could see our hottest temps yet...woopie (heavy on the sarcasm there).
Regarding the creep, please be careful and always observant. I'll be praying the Lord protects you and I'll be praying that you're able to make this marathon with your hubby :-)!
Blessings and hoping your current roller coaster slows down soon so you can hop on over to the other one!
Blessings, Julie

Oklahoma Granny said...

We actually had a slight sprinkle of rain this morning along with some thunder. But it's still HOT - VERY HOT. And the 7 day forecast for NE Oklahoma says even higher temps. I'm so ready for Fall. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.