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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

I have to laugh at the list of things I wanted to get done today with Commander off from work. We did get some of it done, it's just that somehow he was able to throw this large project right into the middle of it. The side gate under the tree needs a better pathway then just gravel. Commander decided it needed some landscaping timbers, gravel and stepping stones. Sounds great, except for the fact that it's clay earth with lots of gravel rock already in the area. No Fear, the Commander is here. He took the rototiller to it. Did a great job of loosing up the rocks so I could haul wheelbarrows of it to the chicken yard, back fence , garden, and anywhere else we could come of with a spot. We did keep three 35 gallon tubs of dirt near the job site for back fill.
The other awesome part that happened with this job - a friend bought a house for her rental company and wants to remove 40 paving stones from the property. We move them and they are free. I like that word - FREE. Well, they won't be free after I pay the boys to dig them out with me, but worth it.

Okay, the family was sitting at the table the other night after T12 made it home from camp. The talk ended up around the subject that I could still swat the boys beeehind if they really needed it. T12 asked why I didn't swat Commander's back side when he called T12 a "Dickiebird". I said I wasn't his mother, therefore I didn't have the authority, too. Commander popped in with "And Mema's arm isn't long enough to swat him from where she lives in Pennsylvania." To that T12 replied, "But her check book can reach that far." He was ready to call Mema and tattletale on the Commander.


Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

What a great deal on the paving stones. I just know there has to be a special place in Heaven for the mothers of boys.