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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time is flying by

I'm wondering where June went. This morning Commander stepped up to the bed and shouted, Happy Anniversary! Yep, it's the twelfth of July, - we will hit the 19 year mark in December. For those who don't know, we try to beat each other each month on the twelfth to be the first to wish the other a Happy Anniversary. Commander is definitely out doing me this year. I should have thought to do it last night at 2:00 am  - I'm turning into a night owl with closing until 11, working out at the gym for 1 hour then coming home to eat ice cream and work on the book. Not exactly the schedule that I'd like to be on, but it works for now. I'm ready for school to start up so I have a ligit reason to drop some hours at work. I hate to say I can't work, when I actually can.

So on to work --- the other day a co worker "C' came through my line when she was done with her shift and tried to get me to stack coupons - use more coupons then the number of items bought. We don't double coupons at our store. We don't stack coupons.  She told me I could punch them in manually and no one would know. I looked at her like she was nuts and handed her back the extra coupons.She turned to the other cashier and made a comment - "Uh, "B" she won't do it for me!"  The other cashier  "B" told me afterwards that she had to tell the girl "C" the other night that she couldn't stack coupons.
I didn't say anything else at the time to her, but I later let my boss know that I wasn't comfortable with her asking me to stack coupons. One of the customer service clerks heard us and popped up with "if you had done it, she would have been right over here telling on you." That threw me. What kind of coworker is this? 
Tonight, I waited until she was on break then went up to her. I thought it was about time to stiffen the backbone. I quietly told her that I thought her asking me to stack cards, (yes, I blundered) stack coupons the other night was unethical and disrespectful. I told her I felt she owed the other cashier "B" an apology for trying to drag her into the scheme of stacking coupons. She never fully apologized to "B" she actually tried to blame the situation on "B".We just shook our heads and moved on.
Our City government has hired this girl to work for them. She'll probably get along just fine there.

This past weekend had a project. You know how much I love projects. Friday night I cut the 4x4's. Saturday morning I got up early and started putting the steps togethers leading down to the side gate. It turned into an all day kind of job. Monday morning I finished with the help of Hawk and a playmate of his from down the street. They helped dig up the paving stones at the rental house a friend owns, I loaded them into the truck. Back at home, they pushed the stones toward the end of the truck bed and I carried them around, one at a time, to the walkway. 15x15 paving stones, that had to weigh 25-30 each and we moved 50. Then we hit the local lawn and garden place for 10 bags of dirt. THe boys were a big help and fun company in getting all this material to the side of the house. I still need to fill in around the steps, and prep the garden for Hostas that a friend from church said I could get out of her yard.

The other project that developed this morning was picking about 20 quarts of blackberries and putting them up in the freezer. Thank you Mrs. D. I only got 2 quarts from our yard and our sweet neighbor to the east supplied the rest. She's the one that taught me how to make blackberry jelly last year. I'll have to try it again.
So if I'm not here  at the EFandB often. You know I'm just keeping my hands busy .
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Oklahoma Granny said...

It's so sad that people try to get something for nothing - or at least a little less than what they owe. I used to work in a department that kept track of stores' inventory and the coupons they took in. Yep. We had to reconcile the number of coupons with what the store said they'd taken in.

The past couple of days I worked on putting up some lime pickles. They're going to taste wonderful this winter. That is, if they last that long.

Michelle said...

yum, send me some blackberry jelly!

I'm sorry about your co-worker. You're right, she'll probably get along just fine in the city government. It amazes me what people will do. I once had a store manager that sent all my cashiers home and night and then rang in returns and pocketed the money. I was the front end manager at the time and knew something was up. The asst manager and I kept tabs on him for a while and then he blew the whistle. They never did follow up and prosecute-too embarrassing. However, they found out he'd done it at two other places, so he'll just keep doing it.