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Friday, July 15, 2011

summer jobs

Here are a few pictures of the summer project(s).
The right side by the lattis will be turned into a Hosta garden, the steps still need to be fitted and lined up, I just dropped them in there as I was carrying the 50 bricks from the truck. Ugh!
 THis is what it looks like from the side. a few stepping stones will start it out at the right of the top step. The walkway will continue through the fence, with the drainpipe on the far left being extended underneath and then  the path will turn and end at the bottom of the stairway. Hopefully done by Christmas. Sooner the better. UREKA! That must be where us Okies got the name SOONER - we want everything done SOONER.
 This was the pickings the other day, yesterday it was just the one mixing bowl from our garden.
Next week is High School reunion week in Yukon, OK. It will be fun to see some of the ladies I played basketball with, or those from the track team. I'll be meeting my friend 'T' and her husband for the Saturday night dinner.  The hotel chef is making a gluten free meal for me, I'm so glad I thought to call ahead.
T12 has to go with me, but T13 gets to decide if he wants to stay here with Herogian to take care of the animals, and play with his friends. I'm expecting a last minute change of plans on his part, no matter which way it goes. He's taking after me with last minute changes to plans. Now, I know how frustrating it can be for others. But I still do it. I like to plan it out - just not impliment the plan when it is time to leave the house. Anyone else do that?
Have a good week.
Are you going to see the last Harry Potter movie?

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Your yard is really coming together. I see lots of yummy things coming from your kitchen soon. Do you suppose Garth will be at that reunion of yours? I won't see HP right off the jump go. I'll see it eventually though.