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Monday, July 25, 2011

Herogian okay

I'm home for a few minutes and wanted to let you know Herogian is okay. He had watermelon for breakfast and I assume had a sugar drop out their in the hot sun. We will make sure that doesn't happen for the rest of the clinic this week and next. T12, thank goodness, was picked up and deposited at his camp during my trip to post, so now it is off to pick him and his buddy up.
To the church - I promise to get there sometime this week and be prepared for crafts during VBS next week. It just might end up at 1:00 am. Life goes on.    Have you seen "In the Middle"? a tv program my sister introduced to the boys. We purchased first season and we are rofl  through these episodes.

40 acres and OK GRANNY, thanks for your post. They actually went through.


Michelle said...

So glad he's okay!!!! How scary!

Take care!


Oklahoma Granny said...

So glad to hear Herogian is ok!