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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer is flying by

Note to OKGRANNY:  Garth graduated a year before me. I don't expect to see him.

THe boys and I saw Harry Potter today. It was awesome! They did a great job following the book - well, for what I can remember of it. I kept say, "Oh yeah, now I remember that!"  I was really glad that I took a sweater to the theatre with me. It is COLD in those rooms. T12 pulled his arms into his shirt, pulled the hem over his bare knees and tucked his nose in. He looked like a little gray ball beside me. Now and then, he'd lean over to sip his drink and shiver.
It was a great time with the boys. We all had cotton candy and sugared ourselves out.

It feels like there is so much left to do this summer in the yard, getting ready for school, around the house, VBS, and getting ready for school. T12 will be starting soccer practice as soon as we return next week. T12 and Hawk will have a science camp the week we get back, Herogian has skeet camp, the following week is VBS and  a second round of skeet camp. I have school scheduled to start the 8th of August since we take vacations in the fall. Somebody stop the clock for a day or two.

Herogian surprised me the other night with his choice of reading. He was grounded from screens, had finished the book series he was reading, and needed something to do. He went to the school shelf and chose "Microbiology: the easy way". He said the first chapter was really interesting. O-kay. Floored me.

Hawk (T13) pulled another back out  at the last moment the other day when we went to the post gym for rock climbing. He put the helmet on, tightened it up, took it off, and said he wasn't climbing. The veins popped out of my neck, I gritted my teeth and just want to rattle his.  I can't stand that kind of behavior. Commander says the boys are shifting in their pecking order as to who is more athletic and showing leadership.  I don't know if he thought T12 would show him up, if he didn't want the soldiers playing basketball to see him fall off the wall or what. He is testing my composure that's for sure.

I just know that once I saw the wall from the side, there was no way any of the boys or any adult, I know, could have made it to the top. The wall slants back over your head ( \ ) like that symbol.  The boys would be hanging by their fingernails (which they don't have) for the last 8 feet up the wall. But when you look at the wall from the climbing side, you can't tell that it juts out that far. Deceiving.

Tomorrow after church is packing day. I'm not looking forward to driving to Oklahoma, a Star Trek transporter would be nice. I know I will enjoy seeing family and friends. Please pray for safe travels. For some reason my blood sugar drops (or I notice it the most) when I'm driving.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Some smaller schools around here have reunions that all the classes are invited to. Too bad Garth couldn't have been part of the entertainment. LOL

I don't know if it's as hot where you are as it is here. If not - BE PREPARED! I just got home from the race track. If I hadn't had my froggtogg I think I would have melted into the dirt.

Michelle said...

have a safe trip. I'll be praying for safe travels. hmmmm, micro-biology for light reading entertainment. Wow!

Have a wonderful time in OK.