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Friday, May 27, 2011

Presale for the yardsale

I know when you have a yardsale you must be ready for those early arrivals that get there when you are trying to set things up. They can be rather annoying at times. Yesterday, was the all time early arrival for the sale. The add just came out in our local Chronical shopper. The sale is this Saturday. I was in the garage tagging items last night when this silver pickup slowly turned into the driveway. I saw the woman point at me then look down at a piece of paper in her hands.

I met the grandmotherly figure out on the driveway. She apologized for being so early to a sale. She then explained that her granddaughter had bought a bunny rabbit and it was living in a dog carrying kennel. She wanted to know if she could see the rabbit cage. Then it was my turn to apologize. I didn't have the thing out from under the deck and cleaned up, yet. We went to look at it, pulled it out of the back corner, and proceeded to load it up in her truck.

Before they left, she tucked a Hamilton into my hand and blessed me. I can't think of a better way to start the weekend sale than with a blessing.

The Commander and the boys left before six this morning for their vacation/ drop Herogian at camp trip into Missery Missouri. Later today they will be doing a zip line that is supposed to take around an hour to complete( with tour and rope bridges to cross). It is located in Stanton at the Merremac Caverns.  I can't wait to hear about this part of their adventure.
As a worrywort mother, I finally needled Commander into getting hotel rooms for the weekend instead of sleeping out in tents. We've had enough Wizard of Oz 'travel arrangements' in the Midwest this past week. I don't need the boys landing in Munchkin land.

Keep your heads down this weekend and stay safe.

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