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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

If it was for anyone else....

I'd say no, never again, not now, not ever. But for our church family, I'll have to think about it. What am I talking about?
Cooking dinner for 60-80 families. You know how a watched pot of water never boils, well, three large aluminum foil (thanksgiving turkey size) pans full of breakfast casserole don't BAKE as long as you are in the kitchen.
The only ones complaining about the late meal (that I could hear from the kitchen) were our own boys. Of course they feel free to complain and hound us. Commander put a stop to it real quick, though.
We had also made a casserole dish (regular size) of teriaki chicken, two bags of broccoli, and two large cookie sheets of tater tots, in case there was someone who wouldn't eat the breakfast casserole, Hint: our brood.  We ended up starting the meal with the extras. Then we yanked one of the pans out of the oven and started dishing it into glass dishes that we could microwave to finish cooking the eggs.
What an ordeal. Stress? Yes. Wanting to leave the building? Yes. Never wanting to cook for a crowd again? Yes, but I'll think about it. The Commander is so good at doing these things. It's just his schedule doesn't allow him to do it all. If he had been in charge of the doing instead of just the planning, it would have worked better. Love you, honey.

For our church - you guys are awesome. Thanks for being so patient in waiting for the food. Helping set out tables and chairs, and doing clean up. And Mrs. A. those cinnamon rolls looked ' to die for'. She started at 3:00 am to make 60-80 rolls. I'll definitely try one in Glory. We've got a great extended family at Wyandotte County Christian Church.

Oh, if you want a place to worship on Sunday (after the 21st) we will be there. I won't go any closer to that soapbox here.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

What a task you took on! I can only imagine all the work it took to feed that many folks.