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Friday, May 6, 2011

The age of saguaro cactus

For you, Michelle, and anyone else who wants to do a lesson on saguaro cactus.
I found this website that you might find interesting.

Some of the interesting facts are that the cactus only lives in a small area of the world.
It grows 1-1.5 inchesper year in its first 8 years.
It's between 50-70 years before it starts to develop arms.
They are believed to live up to 200 years.

Commander said the cactus he was standing by was about 20 feet tall.


Brownie said...

I did not know that! Thanks for the link. I bought some seeds to grow them- planted them but nothing happened. Maybe it takes longer than I thought! :)

Oh - and Happy Mother's day!

Michelle said...

Wow!! thanks for the link!! That's pretty cool information!!

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day!

Oklahoma Granny said...

So even without doing the math it's a really old cactus.