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Sunday, October 16, 2011

WHich one is Dad??

Good question. I believe he is on the left side of the picture, back row.  First, look to the young man in the wheelchair on the left with the dark blue sweater with rainbow suspenders,  go straight up from his right shoulder and behind the two guys in full view. Between them you get 3/4th of a face with a dark blue collar. His glasses are rimless so it blurs the face a bit, but the silver hair gives him away. Besides, he is 6'1" and always stand on the back row.  Now, watch him tell me I'm wrong :-). THanks for asking Claudia.

I love this picture at the Unknown Soldiers grave. It looks like the second soldier (unknown's ghost) is just a split second out of step. An escort  in charge of two Honor Veterans, one being Dad, took this photo and allowed me to take if from his facebook page. He unfortunately didn't get any single shots of Dad.


Oklahoma Granny said...

That photo at the Unknowns grave is. . . I don't even have a word to describe it. Not one word comes to mind to describe how special it is.

Michelle said...

Wonderful photo!! Those men that guard the graves are so dedicated....God Bless them!

Julie... said...

What a poignant photo. We appreciate the dedication of these soldiers, your father's, and your husband's.
Blessings, Julie

And I wanted to mention that I'm so proud of Herogian and his dedication to veterinary science! Hopefully we can get him down here one day to do serve in an apprenticeship of some type.