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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Found an answer to prayer

I've been praying for an adjustment to our homeschooling schedule that would in some way lighten the load, but still allow us to cover all our subjects. Doing them all daily was wearing us down. I can see it in the decline in grades and memory retention.
I bounced over to Eagle Eye Academy where I found some Tasty Tuesday recipes. While glancing through her list of blogs she follows I thought I'd check out My4sweetums.  She had the solution to my prayers right there in her blog. She was discussing their "Themed Weeks".   We will give it a try after our trip to Tucson.   We will concentrate on Science one week then Geography the next. THis will allow us more time to cover the information and work on memory of the important stuff to pass the test! Reading,Writing,and  Arithmatic will stay on our daily schedules. Already it just sounds a lot easier to deal with on a weekly basics.


Michelle said...

Oh, how did I miss that post? I need to go back and read that!! What a fantastic idea!! I like it! Let me know how it works for you. I just schedule out our next six weeks so I don't want to commit till after Christmas. I planned book work four days with project day on Wednesdays to break up the boringness of everything. I just realized that we've spent six weeks doing mainly book work without projects or fun things!! ugh!

Have a great week!! Enjoy the taco soup!! Somewhere I have a chicken fajita soup recipe too!

Dawn said...

I am glad you found some ideas on my blog. The themed week is working great for us.