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Saturday, October 22, 2011

T12 Northley 3rd place pumpking

At the church cookout tonight with the pumpkin contest 'Northley' won third prize. The judges really didn't know who had carved what until they called the winner out and asked the kid to come forward. So it was comical when the judge made the comment that "this pumpkin must be a Deskis pumkin and it wins 3rd place. Who owns this pumpkin?" Northley stepped forward to claim his prize of Sizzlers.
Hawk didn't get his pumpkin done in time for the contest. We will try to get it done for next weekend.

I did get to talk to a doctor tonight that deals with diabetes and hypoglycemia. She gave me some suggestions to help us start figuring out what is going on with blood sugar or blood pressure. Thanks Dr. M.R.

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