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Saturday, October 22, 2011

T12 Northley's Pumpkin and Hawk's birthday

He spent a lot of time yesterday adding to this, then he had to start adding tape to hold it all together.
 THis past Monday was Hawk's birthday. He is now 14. Ice cream cake consisted of Chocolate Chip and Chocolate, Butterscotch and Chocolate syrup, whip cream and candy toppings.

He is using the 'force' to put the candle out. He's playing with the smoke trail. We set out candles in small votices for birthday blow outs. A show once convinced me not to put candles on the cake and have kids blowing their spitty germs all over it. The boys like the harder challenge of blowing the candles out when they have to get over the top of each one.
This was his big gift this year. 1200+ lego pieces. He has started it this weekend while watching the Green Lantern we borrowed from the library. If you know what day a new movie is released on DVD, call the library and ask to be put on hold for it. Hawk has been the first to get the movie from them about three times now.

Here's the boys, Casey in Hawk's arms, Herogian and T12 Northley.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Happy Birthday to Hawk! Using votive candles for birthday candles is a great idea. Makes me wonder why I didn't think of that! You'll need to overlook the first picture on my most recent blog post too. Just sayin'. My son, almost 41 and really just a big kid, would LOVE to get that Lego set for his birthday! I'll be curious to know how long it takes Hawk to get it all put together.

jugglingpaynes said...

Looks like hawk had a great day. Happy birthday to him! And congratulations on the pumpkin's third place!

A show about kids blowing their spitty germs on the cake...Sounds like something the Mythbusters would do. :o)

Peace and Laughter!