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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Homeschooling myself and everything else

We are coming to the end of our homeschooling adventure for the boys. The oldest two have been in public school for a semester. It has been okay. I only wanted to 'have it out' with a couple of teachers for pigheadedness only a couple of times. The boys made the adjustment and are doing well. It actually brought about some good things in the boys, self-responsibility for their assignments, standing up for their grades - find out how to erase an 'F' because you had the flu the day the assignment was done....

Gluten, is excited about going to high school next year and trying out for the soccer team. Hawk will be trying out for football and Herogian - Cross-Country. It will be good for them to be involved in sports. We are praying that a 250 lb. linebacker doesn't squish Hawk in his first game. Yes, he has finally made it past the 100 lb mark.

Since the boys won't be homeschooling with me anymore, I'm going to homeschool myself. I'm going back to school for my Masters in Exercise and Sports Science. I'm taking online classes through American Military University. I'll start this June with 'Methods in Research', 'Advanced Methods in Strength and Conditioning', followed by 'Advanced Physiology' and 'Nutrition in Health and Sports' starting in August. I'm so excited.

The sleeping has improved. Thank you for your prayers. I have  natural ingredients to help me sleep in pill form or in a tea. If I don't make it to sleep on my own by midnight, I get up and take something. I'm also getting a head start on the reading for my classes.

This summer will be busy, but in a way easy (I think) the boys are gone a lot with camps. I'll be able to get a lot of study time in. The mornings will have workouts for the boys at school, and I'm going to do the summer workout program I established for our track athletes to follow. I plan to get one week ahead of them so that I can adjust the program as we progress through the summer. The athletes have a certain level of fitness to reach before they come back to school next fall. No wasting time getting them in shape again. We are moving forward. If you have a middle school to college student that needs to get in general competing shape, give me a shout.

At Conference the triple jumpers placed 3rd and 4th, Long Jumping was 7th . They earned points for the team. Our 4x4 team won, a 5000m runner won, in the 400m men's we were 1st and 2nd, 3rd in 200 and 800 and 3rd in 10,000. We had other finishes that earned points for the teams - women's 9th in conference and the men 5th in conference. Not bad for our second year. We had 5 girls competing against teams with over 30, for the men we had 12 athletes where others had over 40 competitors. We have a couple of guys going to Nationals in the marathon.

Only six more broiler chickens to butcher. THis is one activity that I plan not to do again. At least not on the scale of 20 birds. I have wrung necks, chopped heads off, and used a killing cone. I now prefer the chopping block for fast action and easier to hold the birds down so they don't break a wing. Each day it is harder to do this job, but if I don't they will have a heart attack and die. I'd rather that not happen to the birds.

Have a great week. Happy Birthday to Gluten. Our youngest turns 14 Sunday. Happy Mother's Day.

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Michelle said...

Wow that's fantastic!! I'm eyeing AMU for my master's in history. It fits the best with my schedule an allows more flexibility. I'm sure you'll do wonderful.

Please continue with your blog!! Love to see how your doing and how big the boys are getting. It seems that they were so little when we first started reading each other's blogs.

Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!!