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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Drum Magazine and Insomnia

Last week I ran out of the synthetic sleep aid that I have been trying to ween off. I didn't expect to run out of them at that time. I'm still confused about being out of them, for I told myself all month at I'd cut the last five in half. Who knows what I decided when I got to those last five and was placing them in the day to day pill container. I don't know!

Thursday and Friday were two nights without anything , I was starting to feel  murderous. You might say I took it out on the chickens. I have 22 to clean and freeze and Saturday I did five. Then I worked on cutting up the branches the tree guy cut off 3 large pin oaks. Eventually the three trees will be firewood, but he is dropping them a little at a time so we can cut them all up ourselves. Bigger job than expected. Saturday night I was searching the house, still under the impression that there should be five little pills hiding from me somewhere. I did find a sleep aid in my travel kit, so I used it to help me survive. Sunday night, same thing looking all over the house for something, spending time out in the living room, frustration level at the rooftop. Monday, the doctor received a call of help, and so did the pharmacist. I needed those two people to connect for a new script to be filled.

At lunch time, I'm on the couch resading when Gluten bee bops into the room asking," Can I order the gun magazine?"
"Can I order the gun magazine, now?"
What, gun magazine?" I'm holding open a book and can't picture Gluten reading a magazine.
"You know the one I've been wanting to order for my gun." He goes into 1920's gangster stance, punches in the magazine and fires his imaginary air rifle.
I'm so tired that I get tickled as reality hits. Then I start laughing.
"What type of gun magazine did you think I wanted?" he asks.
I play imaginary drums and hit the cymbal before opening up an air magazine to read.
"OH yuck, why would I want that?" "Quit laughing!"
It is too late. I 've lost it. I can't stop.
At least laughing is good for a six pack ab. Right?

As to the insomnia, I tried some sleepy time Peppermint tea, I hate most teas, but this was drinkable, then I tried an over the counter melatonin, L-triptophan, something or another sleep aid. Commander tried these too. I'd like to use these one night and then the synthetic the next until I can get off it completely. Commander was sleeping soundly, but by 1:30 I was taking the synthetic, anything to get over that edge to fall asleep. 
Commander did say he'd help me tonight. Just let him know when I reach the edge and he'll push me on over - right out of bed onto the floor. Thanks Honey. YAWNNNNN.

Next step is to work on vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Magnesium is suppose to be good for sleep.

Hope you have a good night's rest.

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Michelle said...

Praying that you can get through this soon. I couldn't function without sleep. I would probably be sleeping standing up.
The gun magazine was hysterical. Thanks for sharing!! Take care!! Praying that you get some well deserved rest!!