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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break with snow

Today it started snowing - March 23rd. We are expecting anywhere from 8-10 inches of snow.

Commander took 2 boys with him this morning. First stop soccer game, second stop TKD testing, and then third stop - not scheduled. He stopped at a local farm supply store.  When they came home, the two boys came in saying, "They were free! They were free!" 
The story told was that a photographer would get a couple of baby chicks and ducks to use for pictures and then return them to the store when done. The store didn't want them anymore, since they are done selling birds. Commander, or Herogian mentioned that we have birds. The man handed them the box and said, "They are free!"
They came home with 3 chicks.
Our garage is overran by birds. 35 to be exact.

While the boys were out today, I had garden duty. Twenty 40# bags of dirt, put in 9 post to hold fencing around the raised garden. As I was finishing with the last screw, Hawk yelled for me to look up. It was snowing. The fencing still needed to go around it and the gate area blocked off to keep the dogs out of the new dirt. Got it done along with spreading grass seed across the front yard and part of the back. A neighbor told me this is a good time to put down seed. The snow will cover it, protecting it from the birds, water it and give it time to root as it melts off. HMMM. I looked a bit daff pushing the spreader around the yard with large snowflakes falling. As I finished, I noticed that another neighbor was also spreading grass seed.

Commander and I are logging miles for moon joggers.  the goal is to run to the moon and back this year as a group.  I think the group has 147,000+ miles already.  We have 425 of it. Woohoo. This has been a good incentive to keep moving. I'm also keeping track of our milage separately. The competitor in each of us, doesn't want to be outdone - by too much.

The sleeping improved last night. I woke up. Therefore, I was asleep.

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Michelle said...

So glad that your able to start getting some rest at night. I'll keep praying for you.

I hope we're done with snow. We still have a few inches on the ground and drifts of snow that are three to four feet high. It will be a while before it all melts. I won't be looking to get the garden set up for a few more weeks anyway. I ordered about a dozen fruit trees, some blueberries, raspberries, and 50 strawberry plants. Still have to get the stuff to make the raised garden beds.