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Thursday, September 8, 2011

How about another job?

It doesn't pay worth a hoot ( I will get a polo shirt and a t-shirt to wear). I'd probably spend more on gas traveling back and forth . The boys will have to be more diligent about getting their work done earlier in the afternoon. I can't quit the cashier job at Price Chopper - I need to make some money. But to coach - to coach track and field - to coach track and field at a small university - too cool. The job hasn't been posted yet, so there's no holding the breath. I met with and liked the head coach and assistant cross-country coach, and they seemed to like my back ground.
 Prayers that this works out for the good of the family and school and doesn't become a thorn in our side.
You can also pray that the school gets equipment and a track someday. For now we will be using local high school tracks and the one on post. 

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Oklahoma Granny said...

It sounds like a very rewarding job. And maybe it could even lead to a job that pays money later on down the line.