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Friday, September 2, 2011

Big foot

No we didn't have a sighting in the area. Commander took me to Cabela's to try on hiking boots. You should have seen the look on the clerks face in the men's department when I asked for a size 10. He glanced at the Commander, started to point to the women's department....
Commander spoke up and told him, "Yeah, she has a big foot and needs a man's boot."
"I just wanted to make sure." He sheepishly sunk away to get the shoes.

I got a nice pair of Merrell Mid-high Kangaroo/Boa hikers. Just like a kid, I've been wearing them around the house.

After our walk today, I used an old recovery technique from the training days.   ICE BATH.   I pulled the metal tank, that we had used as a brooder for the chicks, out of the garage, cleaned it out, filled it half with water and emptied the ice container into it. It wasn't as cold as they use to keep them in the training rooms, but it sure felt good. Dipped in all the way to the chest so I could get the arm and shoulder into it.  I actually had goosebumps by the time I crawled back out. 
When I was training, the ice would be floating on the water. We would switch after five minutes from a cold whirlpool to a hot whirlpool and then back again for a twenty minute cycle. Can you tell I'm enjoying the training again?

Now, if I could just find a way to write on my stories while I'm walking. I'm open for your ideas.


Oklahoma Granny said...

After reading about the ice bath thing all I can say is - you are one dedicated lady!

Julie... said...

After the sweltering summer we had, an ice bath sounds mighty nice!
I had to giggle when I saw the title of your post as my family is from southeastern OK where there are many alleged sightings of Bigfoot. And hey 10 is really not that big anymore. My sister is 5'9" and wears a 10 and both her girls are 6'1" and wear an 11. I'm only 5'3" and a 1/2 (that half is mighty important to me) and wear a 9. I have peasant stock feet, LOL!
Blessings, Julie