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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 memory from a soccer dad

I sat next to a father this morning at a soccer game. It was 7:50 in the morning when he mentioned that there was six minutes left while looking at his watch. He said he would have been in the Pentagon sitting in an office with a friend at the time the building was struck if he hadn't had to change his schedule and gone to another building first. He and his friend, at the pentagon, would have been sitting in the office catching up on old times when the plane would have struck his office wall.
Since he wasn't there sitting with his old friend catching up on old times, his friend wasn't in the office either. His friend was down around a corner or two of the building getting breakfast. Their lives were spared. The father  was taking pictures of his young twelve year old son playing soccer on a wet field as the sun rose in the east over the trees to illuminate the players. It was a blessed morning.


Oklahoma Granny said...

So many people with so many memories. I know I'll never forget exactly where I was when the terrorist attack caused the whole country to change.

Julie... said...

Life is so fragile. We really just never know from one day to the next when it's going to fall apart. Thankfully, we have One who holds us in His hand when it does fall apart.
I was so encouraged to get your comment this AM! It's been a hard year emotionally for our family. And it seems we've been attacked from even those that are supposed to love and support us. I'm praying for the light at the end of the tunnel but remembering that actually "The Light of the World" is always with us. It's just been hard some days to rise above it all.
You're an encouragement and blessing! I pray that you and those precious guys of yours have an awesomely blessed day!