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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Busy fast week

This week was busy, fun, disappointing, frustrating, eventful, and fast.
The guys returned from dropping Herogian off at camp. I went to work about an hour later. Hi, Bye. A game of flashlight tag that night ended when T12 tried to jump to the top of a retaining wall  made of large bricks around the flower garden. He caught the corner in his shin.
I'm told about it Monday night when I get home from work, but it wasn't until Tuesday when I was going to help him clean it out again that I realized just how bad it was. I thought I washed out a sliver of bone. THat's when I started to feel whoozie. Off to the hospital we go after confirming with Commander that I wasn't over reacting. The doctor said that they wouldn't be able to stitch it up since we waited, then he thought about it after looking at the hole, and said he wouldn't be able to stitch it up anyway, a chunk was missing. The bone thank goodness wasn't involved. T12 is working hard to keep it clean so it will heal enough for him to enjoy camps this month. I thought he did good when the nurse and I cleaned the wound out. I can still hear out of both ears.

We participated in picking up the flags at the National Cemetery in our area. Wow! Over 30,000 were placed. We picked up around 22,000 (the cemetery crew did 8 thousand the day before) We had two boy scout troops, and a smattering of parents and homeschoolers. It only took 2 hours. We were expecting 4-5 hours.

I hit the big 4_ today. I didn't expect Commander to remember with him getting ready for work this morning. So I pointed to his watch. He commented that  'he knew it was time for him to leave'.   No, that's not it. I traced my finger under the date on his watch. He jumped away from me and  shouted "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!"  That's not it!  "UH, UH! then it hit him - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What did I get you?"   You let me buy some new clothes and get a five pin sight for my compound bow.  What a guy.
The bad part for the day was the choice T12 made. You'd think being grounded from everything for almost a month would make you think twice before you chose that wrong behavior again. NOPE. Not with him. He fell right into it again. Restrictions will go back on until camp time. One day of freedom was all he earned. Very disappointing. He is definitely learning the hard way, like someone I know really well from my past. HMMMM.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Happy Birthday to you - a day late.

Between the shin incident and a wrong choice, it sounds like T12 hasn't had a very good week. That time of life is sure tough on a kid.

Michelle said...

Oh my!! I'm glad that he's okay. I hope that all goes well with his wound and he'll be able to do all of his camps.

Hope that you had a wonderful birthday. I hit the big 4-0 last September. We're in good company together!!

Have a wonderful weekend. Its actually supposed to be really nice here this weekend! up to 75!