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Monday, June 27, 2011

Still here

It's been over a week since I posted. Where is time going? Out the window with those Kansas winds blowing this morning.

The summer is upon us, so that means we are busy with boys going to camp. T12 started Boy Scout camp yesterday. We guess he is still there, we haven't had any calls about them being blown to the next county, or washed into the Missouri River. We had a good storm going throughout the night.

Then there is VBS on its way into the schedule at the end of July - actually less than a month away. I'm trying to  help paint signs and make decorations for it this year. All three boys are supposed to have camp activities going on that week, but want to help with VBS. We'll see how that all pans out. The library might be getting a donation since they won't refund our fee for the class. With VBS in the air, I have the bug again to write another program. I hope to pull the other two programs out and see about submitting them to publishers. Just more on the plate to do.

T13 (Hawk) recieve an early birthday present yesterday. That kid is cool. He needed a bike. His yardsale bike just wasn't hanging together anymore. I told him that I'd help him buy it and he could work off the rest. He really seemed to want to purchase it himself. But if we waited for him to save up the other half, he'd be into the colder weather, and not have one to ride this summer. We were walking through the store with the bike when he stopped. (second thoughts have plagued him lately). He turned around and started to take it back. I couldn't believe we were going through this scenerio for like the fifth time this month. He finally told me that he thought he should save the money up first, then buy the bike, no matter how long it took him. He'd still help me with the extra chores to make the money. My initial thought was "are you kidding me? Then I thought what a cool kid. He's learned the lesson of saving up for something." THen I remembered that T12 and Herogian had both recieved the one large gift to their birthdays early. "Happy Birthday T13 (Hawk), if you want it and will ride it, the bike is your early birthday gift if you are okay with that offer."
The smile that spread across his face, the twinkle in his eyes, the squeezing hug. The hours he spent riding it when we got home. Priceless.
He even got me on a bike for a couple of laps around our neighborhood. I have been very leary about the roads since they did a halfa@@ job of repaving them in our neighborhood. They are now covered with loose gravel. I kept replaying my wipeout on the next road, in my mind,   when I thought about riding again. Well, that road over there was repaved correctly - with asphalt, not pebbles.  I thanked T13 (Hawk - His name is changing again) for keeping after me until I got on the bike. We had an enjoyable ride. At the back end of our neighborhood a creek runs under a bridge. A blue Heron was standing in the middle of the road. Beautiful.

It is time to get to work. I've got a list of jobs to get to today.
Have a great week.


Shannon said...

Thank you so much for the boxes! I appreciate you thinking of us in the midst of all you have going on.

Michelle said...

Wow!! what an awesome lesson on saving. That's great. I love when the "lightbulb" goes off for them. Have a fantastic week!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm sure you already know it but I've just got to say that you have raised great boys!