Commander and I enjoy Homeschooling boys (Herogian, Hawk and Gluten), raising chickens, ducks, and dogs ( Penny and Casey), eating gluten free, surviving breast cancer, coach track and field, and loving God for every minute that He gives us to cherish our family.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day (I know I'm late)

Yesterday was official Father's Day on the Calendar, we are just stringing it out a bit.
It started Saturday with Commander cooking two ducks on the rotisserie. That was his meal. The role reversal was perfect, I'll slaughter as long as he cooks.

Yesterday, T12 sorta gave him a gift, it just cost Commander some money. T12 let Dad have his DS game for $25. Now I've got to buy Commander another game for it so he'll leave my Bejeweled Twist Game alone - he's about to beat my top score of 851 thousand. Nooooo! can't let that happen.

I worked yesterday so I didn't get his cake made, so I'll do that here in a bit.

It has been wonderful having the Commander home and not traveling. As the boys hit the teenage years I'm realizing I really need his intervention with them. You can lead the horse to water but can't make him drink  - you know the saying. Well I've hit THAT point with the boys on some issues. I'm ready to jump on the back of the horse's neck and pull and push until the nose is in the water. UGHHH. So the Commander is going to be the one to keep the boys in line and Mom's stubborn streak in check. I can already tell it is going to be a tough few years.

Thank you Commander for being here. We love you.


jugglingpaynes said...

Sounds like Father's Day was a success! I'm still chuckling about the discounted game "present." LOL! Kids can be so funny!

Peace and Laughter,

Oklahoma Granny said...

So you sorta got a gift too.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a nice day. I can't believe how big the boys are getting!! Its nice having hubby home. We're off to sea duty next, so late next year we'll be doing work ups and then a cruise.

Take care adn have a good week!