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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

snow drifts

I went out a while ago to shovel the driveway (9:30pm). The drift in the middle of the drive was up to my knees. I worked my way from the porch, along the garage door to the trashcans on the east side. Guess what I found there?

Can't guess?

Bare ground.

Hope you are doing well with this winter storm blowing through the states.


Arby said...

How do you clear the gravel part of your driveway?

Oklahoma Granny said...

My husband got our (rock) driveway cleared this morning. Now the county needs to get the road to the highway cleared. One guy tried but wasn't successful. The drifts were too big for his equipment. Strangely, there was NO snow on the driveway slab into the garage and very little on the sidewalk leading to the front door. But there were huge drifts everywhere else.

Twisted said...

The surprise today was our neighbor to the east of us coming over on her lawnmower with a snow blade. She stayed above the gravel, and then I pushed the shovel over the thin layer of ice. It should melt easier now.

Arby said...

Do you mean the neighbor to the west didn't come over to help you with your driveway? I'm shocked. Yes, shocked. And appalled. That's it. I'm shocked and appalled.

Julie... said...

While cooking supper this evening, I noticed a very large and very lit-up John Deere tractor manuevering its way up our drive. He proceeded to clear all the snow. Tim, not one to delay progress, ran outside to move the pickup and the van. Turns out it was the man that swaths and bales our hay out "showing off" his brand new tractor. We told him we were extremely glad he felt the need to show off :-)!
So how are your chickens faring in these ridiculously cold temps? My rooster has frostbite on his comb :-(.
Stay warm, Julie

Linda said...

We've been digging out here in Chicago this week too. The snow plow keeps coming back and re-burying my mailbox! Grrrr!

Glad you liked the math/science resources I posted on The Homeschool Apologist! I posted another one for you in a follow-up comment, but then thought maybe I'd better post it here too!! I was always looking for different ways to explain math (especially Algebra) to my daughters! Here's another GREAT resource: Purple Math!