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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I D 10 T

This is a new acronym I learned from the Commander.
I had a guy go through my line tonight at the grocery store that fit this title to the T.
I asked him if he wanted to use his Shopper card for the store discounts. He pulled out an old card. The company changed to new cards last year, starting in April to be exact and completely by July.
I asked this GUY if he wanted to get a new card. I showed him the quick application page he could fill out right now and I'd scan him a new card. That easy. Name, address, age (to make sure you are over 18) phone number if you want to use your phone number when you forget your card, and email address if you want the extra weekly coupons the store sends out to its card holders.
He got mad. We hadn't mailed him an application for him to fill out at home. You can take this one home and fill it out, bring it back with you next time.
He was mad that his old card no longer would be accepted. Sorry, but they have new benefits, discounts, and gas point attached to the new cards, they give money back with purchases, random survey questionaires to do online that gain you five dollars off automatically when you use the card again. It is well worth the 2 minutes to fill out the paper.
He was mad. We (store and I) had lost a customer. He wouldn't be coming back. He spent a whopping $1.94 tonight. I don't think the store is going to be too upset. I almost asked him if he expected me to cry over losing him. Thank goodness that thought came after he had already left. What an ID10T.


Oklahoma Granny said...

My son used to work on a computer Help desk and taught me that term.

I think I remember you posting a long time ago that the store cards were changing. If that guy hadn't been in the store in all that time I don't believe the store lost much business.

Michelle said...

or maybe like Christina, he forgot the words to the Star Spangled Banner

Brownie said...

ID10T - I like that. Hope I'm never like that!

I wonder if he realized later what a fool he was?