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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Biology at home

Herogian brought in this duck egg the other day.

When we broke it open we found another egg inside of the first, but it was still soft shell. Inside that (I don't know who took my camera away so I don't have the picture) we found a blog of shell material along side the yolk.

The picture is blurry - it's not your eyes. THis is Casey receiving a haircut around his face. Just like his human counterpart, I like it when someone is combing through my hair. As a preteen running cross-country for AAU, I kept my hair in a short pixie, I loved having the hairstylist use the straight edge razor on the under neath locks. Nuts? Okay.

THis is the throwing board for the USM track shot putters. All we need to do is move it out of the garage and to the school. Practice starts Monday and it started snowing last night.  It has 3 layers of 2x12 as the stopboard, carpet squares glued underneath to protect the floor from the bolts heads, and handles at the four corners for carrying.

Today three of us woke with congestion and sinus headaches. I'm so glad we homeschool. At 10:00 I sent the zombies back to bed.
Have a great weekend.

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