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Friday, January 27, 2012

back up again...

Computer that is.    Anyone else hit by a trojan horse and who knows what other kind of computer virus lately?  Our awesome computer tech is getting a lot of business from us.
Commander asked me last night why I hadn't posted anything lately. O-kay.
I actually hooked my laptop up to wifi and was off and and running with doing recruiting letters to athletes when a page jumped up saying it was from "Dell" and needed to do a backup. We have a Dell computer, so I let it. Wrong. That computer is now out of commission. People who create computer virus should be taken out in t-shirts and shorts, and shot by boys with 450mph airsoft rifles AND AT CLOSE RANGE.

Today is our first track meet. I get the job of driving the 15 passenger van to and from the meet. Stay off the Kansas City loop this afternoon and late evening. I don't want to run you over. A prayer for our safety would be nice.

Our pastor is leading our Wednesday night Bible study. He touched on the 3 sins: of the flesh(anything that makes you feel good - chocolate, drugs, sex, alcohol), of the eyes, of the boisterous of life(the see what I can do syndrome). He hit home. I've been a "see what I can do person all my life". Athletics was a big part of it, and then being creative trying to be creative and show it off - as others say. Hmmm. Not feeling to good about me right now. "Wash me clean, Lord, take away this sin. Help me do only for you and not for the rewards of earth."

Have a blessed weekend.

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