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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A time for Thanksgiving and prayer

A free nation UNDER GOD. How THANKFUL we should be for the freedoms granted to us by our constitution. One freedom that was never put into the constitution - because our Founding Fathers never thought there would be such a need, is the freedom to keep our parental rights.

Did you know that our parental rights are not locked into the constitution? The post at The Homeschool Apologist will make your heart flutter. The rights of the child that the U.N. is backing and wanting the United States to accept will take away your rights as a parent. It will give the schools the right to determine what education is appropriate for your child and at what age - to include acceptance of homosexuality in kindergarten. It will allow a thirteen year old to determine how many time a week his family can take him to church. It would allow a child of any age to decide for themselves what is their entertainment for the day - to include the internet.

Please check out the video at  The Homeschool Apologist, or go straight to . We need to make as many Americans as we can aware of what the government is trying to do to our God given rights. Our children and grandchildren need parental rights solidified into the Constitution of these United States.

I give thanks to God the Father for being our Father in Heaven, for loving us first, for giving us families, parents, and children. I also give thanks for this nation which we live. Please, God, protect our country.  I pray that no man will be allowed to destroy the parental rights that hold our families together, and in turn hold our nation together.

Happy Thanksgiving America. May God Bless You.

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